Blockhouse IPA

Posted: March 7, 2012 in HoCo, IPA
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In continuing with my brewing escapades and with my new found love of IPAs, I decided that my fourth brew would of course be an IPA.

Wow, I jumped from brewing only one beer to brewing my fourth.  I haven’t been the best blogger of all-time, but I should mention that I’ve brewed a Belgian Trippel and a Golden Ale prior to brewing this IPA.  The Belgian didn’t really turn out as I expected, but most people really enjoyed it.  I personally liked the Golden Ale, but I get the feeling that my sampling crowd didn’t like it.  I should also mention that since brewing the IPA, I’ve brewed a Hefeweizen, an American Amber Ale, and a Pale Ale.  Of these three, only the Hefeweizen is ready for consumption.

Back on the subject of brewing my IPA.  I selected an IPA recipe that I found online entitled “4C’s IPA“.  The recipe is as follows:

Grains & Adjunts

4.00 lbs – Bries Golden Light DME

2.00 lbs – Amber Dry Extract

1.00 lbs – Vienna Malt

0.50 lbs – Caramel/Crystal Malt – 20L

0.50 lbs – Caramel/Crystal Malt – 40L


0.50 ozs – Columbus – 60 minutes

0.50 ozs – Citra – 40 minutes

0.50 ozs – Centennial – 20 minutes

0.50 ozs – Citra – 10 minutes

0.50 ozs – Cascade – 5 minutes

0.50 ozs – Citra – 3 minutes

0.50 ozs – Cascade – 14 days dry hopped

0.50 ozs – Citra – 14 days dry hopped


1.0 pkg – California Ale

Pretty simple recipe, lots of hops added at differing intervals.  Of all the beers that I’ve now brewed, this one by far is the favorite among my sampling crowd.

I’d like to consider this my signature beer, but don’t want to completely copy the recipe that someone else worked hard to develop.  In the spirit of brewing and of the Wildeman, I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on tweaking this recipe over the course of this year.  I want to call this my own and to completely make it my signature beer.  Hopefully, my experiments will taste just as good, if not better, than this recipe does.


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